Ben Templesmith takes on H.P. Lovecraft’s “Dagon”

I’m a huge fan of Ben Templesmith’s dark, eldritch art style, which even he admits is deeply influenced by the Cthulhu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Templesmith is the creator of several dark, spooky horror comics, the most famous being 30 Days of Night because of the movie adaptation.

In Dagon, Templesmith is adapting one of Lovecraft’s earlier short stories, a tale of deep-sea sleeping gods and horrors. He plans on using the full text of the story, with illustrations, and releasing it as a hardcover book. Higher pledge levels even get original artwork from the book!

Neil Stephenson’s CLANG

Neil Stephenson’s an author. He writes obsessively-detailed fiction, sometimes speculative, sometimes historical, most of the time a combination of the two. To complement his current efforts, he’s turned his eye to videogames though. What Neil wants to do is make swordfighting games more realistic, more accurate, and most of all, more fun. His team for CLANG has put together one of the most entertaining Kickstarter videos I’ve seen, which really conveys his humor and the spirit of the game:

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Screen Printing on the Cheap Book

Kind of an awkward Kickstarter title here, but it does get the point across:
Screen Printing: On the Cheap Book is a project that aims to create a DIY guide to screen printing. In their words:

This is a do-it-yourself manual that instructs how to screen print from your living space and design a semiprofessional shop on a modest budget. By utilizing cumulative knowledge from industry professionals throughout Minneapolis, it’s the most comprehensive how-to book about screen printing at home.

Right now, the project is at $6753 of their $10000 goal, with 18 days to go. This definitely seems like a worthwhile project, and if you’ve ever been interested in printing your own T-shirts or posters, you’ll want to pre-order the book and help them meet their goal.