Rachets Away!

Do-It-Yourself is kind of the founding principle behind Kickstarter. Projects created by individuals, doing it themselves and making something out of nothing with the support of the community. So it’s nice to see a project that is not only DIY, it enables others to DIY as well.

Rachets Away is intended to be a community workspace in Portland, Oregon for motorcycle and scooter owners to do their own maintenance on their two-wheeled machines, and learn from experts. Lots of people who ride just don’t have garage space to work on their bikes, or they lack the tools, or they lack the expertise, or lack all three. Rachets Away will provide space, tools, and expertise as needed for riders to learn and perform the maintenance and repairs they need.

Rachets Away Logo

In addition to the community workspace, they are also going to provide opportunity for mechanics to set up shop and provide repair services without the upfront cost of finding a new garage, lease, etc. Think of it as the hair salon model. Mechanics rent a “seat” in the salon, book appointments and jobs, and use the space to bootstrap their own business. Another analog to Kickstarter itself!

Rachets Away has a relatively modest minimum goal of $7000, but in order to really create the space that the community needs, I see them needing at least double that amount. If you’re in Portland and you own a motorcycle or scooter, you really should feel obligated to back this project.

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