Neil Stephenson’s CLANG

Neil Stephenson’s an author. He writes obsessively-detailed fiction, sometimes speculative, sometimes historical, most of the time a combination of the two. To complement his current efforts, he’s turned his eye to videogames though. What Neil wants to do is make swordfighting games more realistic, more accurate, and most of all, more fun. His team for CLANG has put together one of the most entertaining Kickstarter videos I’ve seen, which really conveys his humor and the spirit of the game:

CLANG is being designed for specialized controller hardware that mimics a sword, but will still be compatible with other controllers. The point though is to make it as realistic as possible so the sword hardware will be key. They also plan on making CLANG open to other developers, so you can add your own sword fighting styles or interact with the custom hardware in your own way. This could greatly increase the size of the user community and could lead to some exciting developments on its own.

Celebrity projects like this tend to get funding pretty early, but CLANG does still have a ways to go towards a pretty large funding goal, so get on over and check it out.