Zombie Playground

Yes, the Zombie meme has been beaten to death, but true to form it keeps coming back. And I’m fine with that. I love zombie fiction, zombie movies, and zombie games. Keep it coming in unstoppable hordes.

Zombie Playground looks to be a fun take on the Zombie invasion idea, a game that puts you in a child’s point of view to fight an infestation at school:

The game is not intended for kids, but rather aims at that nostalgic playground feeling we miss as adults.

“The mood we want to capture Zombie Playground is the feeling that you had as a child when you were completely immersed in your imagination fighting monsters, shooting guns, and doing things that you thought were cool from your favorite movies, comics, and video games.”

The reward levels are fantastic for this campaign, just $15 gets you a copy of the game, which is bargain pricing for any PC/Mac game. Higher levels get you exclusive in-game weapons, costumes, and even an invincible dog that carries a lantern to light your way in dark areas.