Followup: Screen Printing on the Cheap

Screen Printing: On The Cheap successfully raised $13,000 for their book, which will enable them to publish and get the word out to DIY-ers everywhere.
The fine folks behind Screen Printing: On The Cheap were kind enough to answer a few questions about their campaign:

Can you give a brief summary of what your project is all about?

Making good technical information about the screen printing process more accessible to artists.

How much were you trying to raise?


How quickly did you reach your goal?

It took us about all 30 days

What is the money going towards?


How did you get the word out about your campaign?

Email, Facebook, Twitter, events, and face-to-face

How did you differentiate your campaign from others to make it stand out?

We didn’t worry too much about “standing out”. We already had some momentum behind the idea and were confident in its success. What we really focused on were other successful campaigns, what they did and how we could replicate their success.

What do you think it was about your project that made your campaign successful?

The organization and collective effort of our team. Also, the local community and momentum we had established behind the project long before launching the campaign.

What’s next?

Take over the world.

Is there a URL for people to follow your progress in the future?

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