Followup: B9Creator Interview

B9Creator’s projected completed with over 10 times the goal! I reached out to B9Creator’s erm… creator… Michael Joyce, and asked him about his project and how he was so successful:

Can you give a brief summary of what your project is all about?

We have designed a 3D printer based on the concept of using visible light from an off the shelf DLP projector to cure photo-sensitive polymer resins. After shipment of our rewards we plan to release all CAD, Gerber and source code files under an open hardware/software license. The goal is to create community of DIY users and innovators that lead to lower costs and design improvements.

How much were you trying to raise?

We set our goal at $50,000 which we felt would cover our costs and get the project off the ground.

How quickly did you reach your goal?

We hit our goal in less than 24 hours.

What is the money going towards?

The bulk of the funding will be used to fulfill rewards. The remainder will go back into our business and be used to further develop the technology and fund our ongoing operation.

How did you get the word out about your campaign?

Before we started we set up a website, facebook and twitter pages. We let friends and past customers know about our plans. And of course, kickstarter itself is good at getting the word out. Our project was featured on several 3D blogs once the word got out.

How did you differentiate your campaign from others to make it stand out?

We attempted to demonstrate our capability to deliver our rewards by pointing out the work already done and our past successful projects.

What do you think it was about your project that made your campaign successful?

We clearly defined what we wanted to accomplish and how we intended to do it. We spent a lot of time answering every comment and message in a timely manner. We did a fair number of updates along the way. In a nutshell, we communicated with our backers and potential backers.

What’s next?

Our primary focus is to execute the delivery of our promised rewards as quickly as possible and then to foster the growth of self supporting user and developer community.

Is there a URL for people to follow your progress in the future?

In addition to our kickstarter page, we can be found at