XOXO Festival

Just about an hour ago at this writing, Andy Baio, one of the original people behind Kickstarter, announced the XOXO Festival. XOXO will be an arts and technology festival in Portland, OR:

XOXO is a celebration of disruptive creativity. We want to take all the independent artists using the Internet to make a living doing what they love — the makers, craftspeople, musicians, filmmakers, comic book artists, game designers, hardware hackers — and bring them together with the technologists building the platforms that make it possible.

In just an hour, the project has raised $25,478 of a $125,000 goal. I’m sure it won’t even take a day for tickets to sell out, and the project to raise its goal.

UPDATE: The backers list on this project already looks like a who’s who of the interwebs. This will be huge.

UPDATE MAY 22: In just two days, the XOXO Festival has surpassed the $125000 goal, at about $167000. Tickets are going to sell out soon.